HCDE 534 — Reading Journal Week 7: Privacy and Data-Focused Business Models

  • The idea that the value in personal data is something that is dynamic and not static — that data can become outdated and frequently updated and recent data is worth more
  • The concept that combinations of personal information (i.e. datasets) is where value is found and not necessarily single pieces of information
  • The struggle that exists between increasing the transparency of how algorithms function and ensuring that algorithms remain commercially viable by keeping such information confidential
  • Personalized pricing — this is something I had not heard about before and it brought up a lot of ethical concerns and made me want to research what companies were using this model
  • The concept of classifying learning algorithms as moral agents and the subsequent challenges of assignment blame when problems arise — at what point does blame lie with an algorithm instead of with the person or people who created that algorithm?
  • Is it possible for algorithms to not have bias?
  • Who is to blame when algorithms cause harm? Does it make sense to hold algorithms accountable? What is the potential risk to society in doing so?




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Nora Carr

Nora Carr

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